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Quickly find a Physician and see their service locations and details.

Find A Doctor

Find a doctor quickly with our advanced search functionality.


Quickly find all contact details for BASS ancillary services like Urgent Care and Imaging.


Stay up to date on news and happenings for the organization.


All phone numbers for our providers can be called with just one click in the app.

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Full Doctor Directory and more

Doctor Profile

The doctor profile will provide you with all the details you need to quickly make a decision, whether you're looking for an address, a phone number, or a specific specialist. We provide you with all the details you might need in a quick and efficient way.

View Location Details

Quickly finding a provider phone or fax number is no longer a big "to-do" or difficult thing for patients or staff members. You can now quickly find and search for these details in less than 5 seconds.

Get Directions and Distance Information

Our mobile app will identify your geo location and tell you exactly how many miles any provider is from where you are, making it very easy to choose the best option.
You can also quickly get Google Map directions by clicking the Get Directions button under each address.

Ancillary Services Details

You can see our estimated wait time at our Urgent Care, or grab the phone number or even get directions directly on your phone. We also offer a quick "Book Now" option for patients.

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USer Stories

Find the information you need fast. It's at your finger tips with the new BASS app.

Inez Wondeh, CEO

It's a big step forward for the organization and I am proud to offer this new tool to our patients and offices alike.

BASS Chief Executive Officer

Rajiv Nagesetty, MD

Solving the pain point of our patients with a fast loading mobile app is a great way for us to show that we care.

BASS Surgeon & Board Member

Gregory Rhodes, MD

I love the app, it's very easy to use and has a quick load time. I hope patients and offices utilize this new tool.

BASS Surgeon & Founder

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